Here are highlights on the Holistic Missionary, Khamba Lama D. Natsagdorj

Documentary film team, filmdirector Benjamin Johns, co-producer Konstantin Palvidis, and cinematographer Gerry Vasbenter had came to Mongolia to make documentary film about Khamba Lama D.Natsagdorj and successfully finished filming in Mongolia.

Салбар байгууллагууд

Монголын Уламжлалт Эмнэлэг Сургалтын төв МАНБА ДАЦАН нь Бусдад туслахуй Анагаах ухааны Манба Дацан хийдээс гадна Оточ Манрамба Анагаах ухааны Их Сургууль, Манба Дацан Уламжлалт анагааах ухааны нэгдсэн эмнэлэг, Манба Дацан монгол уламжлалт Эмийн үйлдвэр зэрэг салбаруудтай. Та салбар байгууллагын талаар мэдээлэл авахыг хүсвэл холбогдох линкээр орно уу.

Оточ Манрамба Их Сургууль

Уламжлалт Анагаах Ухааны Их Сургууль

Манба Дацан нэгдсэн эмнэлэг

Уламжлалт Анагаах Ухааны нэгдсэн эмнэлэг

Манба Дацан эмийн үйлдвэр

Монгол уламжлалт эмийн үйлдвэр

I got over severe heart disease dissolving bile, kidney stones by help of treatment by Natsagdorj.D, Khamba Lama

I interviewed with Luvsantseren.D, who was treated for about 2 years by Natsagdorj.D, Khamba Lama, Honored Medical doctor of Mongolia and his bile and kidney stone were dissolved and prostate calcification was recovered and saved his life from severe heart disease. Outcome of treatment proved that he is personally responsible.Read More

“Border guards are the people who contributes no risk and accident life us”

“Safeguard of mother country” newspaper Feb 07, 2013 Interviewed by Altantsetseg.B There smell fumes of pure juniper and incense in the room. Biography of Tsakhar Buddha, Bogd Jebtsundamba Khutuktu, and dictionary of Oxford were caught by my eyes. Likewise, there are a lot of Tibetan books which I can’t read.Read More

Mongolian Khamba Lama reveals prospects for 2017

Khamba Lama D.Natsagdorj, a state merited doctor and head of the Manba Datsan Temple, spoke about the new lunar year, the Year of the Fire Rooster with Altan Unjlaga (golden tassel), which was welcomed on February 27. The Manba Datsan is a Buddhist university monastery specialized in medicine and medical science.Read More

D.Natsagdorj: Buddhism should be perceived from the correct perspective

Trans. by B.DULGUUN Mongolian Buddhist temples and the Ulaanbaatar Mayor’s Office are planning to organize Dashin Naadam–Khuree Tsam at Khui Doloon Khutagt Field from August 8 to 9. During this smaller Naadam festival, visitors will have the opportunity to watch the traditional Mongolian wrestling, horse racing and archery. On topRead More