Natsagdorj.D, khamba lama met and greeted with the motherland citizens at the lunar year

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Natsagdorj.D, Khamba Lama of Manba Datsan Monastery, Medicine helps for others, organize a regular event year to meet, greet with his motherland citizens of Tsagaanchuluut soum, Zavkhan aimag, perform religious rituals for the coming Year and pray for their happiness and all the best every year. The greeting took place at Manba Datsan Monastery on 10th day of Lunar Year, beginning month of spring this year and many people of the motherland gathered and performed meritorious acts there. This regular event of the greeting began in 2008 dedicated to the 60th year’s anniversary of Tsagaanchuluut soum and in accordance with the event, the people of Tsagaanchuluut soum arrives at the greeting event to meet and greet with Natsagdorj.D, Khamba Lama and relay upon their good fortunes. This is essential giving a chance to meet the people who haven’t seen each other. 

Myanganmaa.D, citizen of Tsagaanchuluut soum said that “When I was working as a governor of Tsagaanchuluut soum in 2004-2008, Khamba Lama spiritual guru was a head of the Town Council.  We had cooperated successfully during the period. I think the people of soum are lucky. It is unique chance to connect with the spiritual person, meet with each other every year and do the year’s religious rituals. Hence, I arrive at the ceremony annually. ”

 Many seniour citizens of the soum arrived at the greeting event and 76-years Dashpuntsag.B, among them said that I am very glad to arrive and meet with the motherland people because he lived in winter in Ulaanbaatar. Lkham-Odsor.Ch expressed her thanks to arrive at the event, receive a blessing by being touched from Khamba lama and live healthy for long time. Lkham-Odsor.Ch reaches 77 years old this year. Many representatives of young generations from Tsagaanchuluut soum came at the ceremony. Otgonbayar.J, citizen of the soum said “It was the first year participate at the greeting event. This event involves many people and is organized wonderfully. I am delighted to greet with Natsagdorj.D, Khamba lama and receive his virtues and merits. The youths of soum are proud of this spiritual and meritorious, famous exemplary person and entrust our virtues for him. Khamba lama, our guru wishes all the best and advises chanting or reading mantras at every meeting. I am joyful to greet with motherland elderlies.”    

Bold. Ch, Governor of Tsagaanchuluut soum and Bayarmagnai.Ch, head of Citizens Representative Meeting offered request for their motherland people and said that there was wonderful winter in Tsagaanchuluut soum and number of livestock increased at the event.

Natsagdorj.D, Khamba Lama, lamas or Venerables of Manba Datsan Monastery performed religious ritual called Mandala for wellbeing and happiness of all people in Tsagaanchuluut soum, made an offering to Shanlon and Damjing, Guardian Spirit of the Medicine Buddha and chanted religious sutra. They agreed to organize the greeting Lunar year event of Tsagaanchuluut soum on the 10th of Lunar Year annually.


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