Here are highlights on the Holistic Missionary, Khamba Lama D. Natsagdorj

Documentary film team, filmdirector Benjamin Johns, co-producer Konstantin Palvidis, and cinematographer Gerry Vasbenter had came to Mongolia to make documentary film about Khamba Lama D.Natsagdorj and successfully finished filming in Mongolia.

Салбар байгууллагууд

Монголын Уламжлалт Эмнэлэг Сургалтын төв МАНБА ДАЦАН нь Бусдад туслахуй Анагаах ухааны Манба Дацан хийдээс гадна Оточ Манрамба Анагаах ухааны Их Сургууль, Манба Дацан Уламжлалт анагааах ухааны нэгдсэн эмнэлэг, Манба Дацан монгол уламжлалт Эмийн үйлдвэр зэрэг салбаруудтай. Та салбар байгууллагын талаар мэдээлэл авахыг хүсвэл холбогдох линкээр орно уу.

Оточ Манрамба Их Сургууль

Уламжлалт Анагаах Ухааны Их Сургууль

Манба Дацан нэгдсэн эмнэлэг

Уламжлалт Анагаах Ухааны нэгдсэн эмнэлэг

Манба Дацан эмийн үйлдвэр

Монгол уламжлалт эмийн үйлдвэр

Potapova Ekaterina: Manba Datsan Hospital has the best quality that no other hospitals in the world has

    Most Venerable Lama D.Natsagdorj, President of the Manba Datsan Mongolian Traditional Medical Center met six citizens, Ms. Pavlova Valentina, Ms. Potanova Tamara, Ms.Nikolaeva Marina, Ms.Potapova Ekaterina, Ms. Kardashevskaya Albina and Ms. Klimova Zoya from Yakut of Russia treated in the Manba Datsan Hospital. Feedback on the service ofRead More

Namkhainyambuu.N: I was cured of tumor at the end of the treatment

       We have talked to one of the patients staying at Manba Datsan Hospital, Namkhainyambuu.N.   –How long have you been staying at Manba Datsan Hospital? -Since the beginning of this year. I have been having pain in my right leg and can no longer walk, as aRead More

Vajrapani saved us all from great danger and blessed us

  From the book “Land of Vajrapani” written by Khanba Lama, Doctor of Medicine, Natsagdorj.D   I would like to tell a story that happened to me a while ago, that I have been sharing with my close friends and students for the past few years but I felt aRead More

Benjamin Johns: The documentary about Khamba Lama is ready and is great!

       A movie producer from England, massage therapist, professor  Benjamin Johns, producer Konstantin Pavlidis, producer Gerry Vasbenter came to Mongolia last year to film documentary about Honored Medical Doctor, Khamba Lama Natsagdorj.D from Manba Datsan monastery. Benjamin Johns says that the documentary has been shortlisted at various festivalsRead More

Khamba Lama Natsagdorj.D: Various kinds of disorders can be inflicted by water spirits

    Traditional Mongolian medical texts contain chapters on disorders associated with water spirits and Honorary Medical Doctor, Head of Manba Datsan hospital, Khamba Lama of Manba Datsan Monastery Natsagdorj.D talks about causes and the remedies of such disorders.      –Mongolians talk about water spirits, but they may not knowRead More

The documentary film about Natsagdorj.D, Khamba Lama created by artists of England will be released in the next summer

The film crew including Benjamin Johns, film director, producer of England, Konstantin Palvidis, consultant producer, and Gerry Vasbenter, cameraman made the documentary film about Natsagdorj.D, Khamba Lama of Manba Datsan Monastery, the bigger representative of Buddhism and Traditional Medicine of Mongolia and they finally completed their film and came back.Read More

Natsagdorj.D, khamba lama met and greeted with the motherland citizens at the lunar year

Natsagdorj.D, Khamba Lama of Manba Datsan Monastery, Medicine helps for others, organize a regular event year to meet, greet with his motherland citizens of Tsagaanchuluut soum, Zavkhan aimag, perform religious rituals for the coming Year and pray for their happiness and all the best every year. The greeting took placeRead More

Bold.Ch: The people of Tsagaanchuluut soum, Zavkhan aimag worship Manla-the Medicine Buddha

I talked with Bold.Ch, a governor of Tsagaanchuluut soum, Zavkhan aimag. -Let’s start our talk. How is your winter place in Tsagaanchuluut soum this year? In the Year of the Monkey, there was plentiful raining in the summer and it was milder, less snowing and warmer in the winter. ItRead More

Benjamin Johns: I had a great idea for film when I heard about Natsagdorj.D, Khamba Lama

Benjamin Johns, a film producer and director of England, Konstantin Pavlidis, massage therapist, scientist proposed to make a documentary film about Natsagdorj.D, spiritual educator, Khamba Lama at Manba Datsan Monastery, the President of Manba Datsan Mongolian Traditional medicine and Training center. Benjamin Johns and Konstantin Pavlidis visited to Mongolia, metRead More

Traditional medicine brings a significant accomplishment to the health sector

www.eagle.mn 2013.11.30 Ariunsuvd. M, a Journalist There is a lack to provide accessibly diagnosis and treatment of Traditional Mongolian Medicine to citizens. I talked with Natsagdorj.D, Khamba Lama, spiritual educator, Professor, Honored Doctor of Mongolia, head of Manba Datsan Monastery about how to improve it. -66 percent of all populationRead More