Bold.Ch: The people of Tsagaanchuluut soum, Zavkhan aimag worship Manla-the Medicine Buddha

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I talked with Bold.Ch, a governor of Tsagaanchuluut soum, Zavkhan aimag.

-Let’s start our talk. How is your winter place in Tsagaanchuluut soum this year?

In the Year of the Monkey, there was plentiful raining in the summer and it was milder, less snowing and warmer in the winter. It was the nicest year among near several years. Our homeland people worship and pray the Eight Manla Buddha as this Buddha helps to provide such a wonderful climate in my country. Khamba teacher ordered to create and put the Eight Medicine Buddha made of white. This Buddha statue was dedicated to 60th year’s anniversary of soum establishment in 2012. Since the time, our soum is nicer than other close soums where there was much grass and raining in the summer and less snowing in the winter.  We all of Tsagaanchuluut soum believe it is benefit or help of the eight Manla Buddha and worship respectfully it.

-Please tell us how was zolgolt meaning Lunar New Year greeting of Tsagaanchuluut soum?

Last year was the election year. Local authorities were changed and I received job. 12 people including me, chairman of citizens Representative council, heads, chiefs of the organizations and bag came from Tsagaanchuluut soum, Zavkhan aimag to the zolgolt- greeting event. We were delighted to meet with the native individuals and other people came from Tsagaanchuluut in the event.   
– As you are a new governor of the soum, what is your plan for soum development and establishment?
-Main objectives of Zavkhan aimag are to listen to opinion of the citizens and then to family become manufacturer or producer.

In the accordance with these objectives, our soum is elaborating essential programs of direction on activities in compatible with them. During the greeting event, Natsagdorj.D, Khamba Lama said “We can develop our soum more we all native citizen from Tsagaanchuluut soum in Ulaanbaatar collaborate with each other”.   

-Please tell us how does Natsagdorj.D, Khamba Lama closely work with the native citizens?

-Khamba Lama is a good community spirit for the homeland. When he visits to homeland, he takes care and fixes troubled springs and rivers. Our homeland citizens are pleased and worship him.  Khamba Lama promised “He will visit himself to homeland, do worshipping ritual for the Eight Manla Buddha and teach sutra and mantra of the Manla Buddha” to the people. If we do that, we have possibility to read or chant mantras or sutras themselves and keep the worshipping ceremony for the Eight Manla Buddha for following years. This influences positively homeland.

I think not only citizens of Tsagaanchuluut soum but also people of Tsagaankhairkhan, Otgon, Shiluustei soums of Zavkhan aimag and Taishir, Jargalant of Govi-Altai aimag, near soums to our homeland will participate in the event or worshipping ceremony.

We perform worshipping ceremony for the Eight Manla Buddha, worship them and it will provide the condition there is no natural disaster such as droughts or heavy snowing in the homeland and people of the soum will be healthy and wellbeing. This word can be said by not me all people of the soum agree with the statement.

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