I got over severe heart disease dissolving bile, kidney stones by help of treatment by Natsagdorj.D, Khamba Lama

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I interviewed with Luvsantseren.D, who was treated for about 2 years by Natsagdorj.D, Khamba Lama, Honored Medical doctor of Mongolia and his bile and kidney stone were dissolved and prostate calcification was recovered and saved his life from severe heart disease. Outcome of treatment proved that he is personally responsible. The attitude and principle impacted significantly to get over his illness ‘Don’t insure all things to a doctor. In order to recover your disease, be active and work yourself”.

Saved his life from severe heart disease

 I am very happy to recover my illness treated by Natsagdorj.D, Khamba Lama. I am one of them who was treated and got over their disease based on theory and proved traditional medicine for many thousand years. Any diseases are recovered not undergoing surgery.

I suddenly caught heart halve problem and my life was in danger in July, 2013. I was performed surgery immediately because 2 artery vessel through heart was blocked. I was saved to open a vessel ad place stents. I searched many overseas hospitals and sent them my medical history and surgery recording and CD. Among them, the hospital of Seoul, South Korea replied a certain answer. If your vessel blockage will be less 80 percent or they will be narrow, we can treat it by medicine. But seeing from your CD and surgery recording, there is no chance. We understood there was not possibility to place stents in 2 vessels because your disease was complicated. So, you should undergo operation. Fee or cost of the operation is 50-60 million tugrugs and stents placing is over 10 million tugrugs.     

But, I had to perform an operation again. Ultrasound doctor of Soldiers hospital said “It is required to perform immediately operation. Although your heart is bad, by now you don’t die and before that stone blocks bile channel and it troubles you. I was afraid and went to make ultrasound diagnosis to my private doctor”. The doctor advised to set up appointment with Natsagdorj.D Khamba Lama and he said that person will help you. Many people gave the advice. Natsagdorj.D, Khamba Lama diagnosed my pulse and said “It is possible to cure it” and began to do his treatment.

  My first symptoms was that I need to urinate frequently so I faced difficulty because of my business going out frequently, enlargement and calcification of prostate gland. Next problem was that kidney became sparse and there was sandstone. Third one was that bile eritrocitoz condensing, its wall was thicker and greasing and there were 3-4 pieces stones with 1sentimeter diameter. Furthermore, system of internal organ was changed completely including blood supply was not enough due to of incomplete activity of heart and adipose liver and inflammation of the pancreas.

 I felt radical change after 5-6 months treatment. Pain of prostate was disappeared and I felt generally my body is light. Bloodletting treatment was made at my best time, day and year which are calculated astrology. It was certain to get better my health. Close people observed my health condition and I set complete tests. I took tests of urine, blood, internal disease and underwent ultrasound tests. My health condition was improved rapidly. My symptom related to stone of kidney and bile was dissolved and function of heart has improved. Then I met with Khamba Lama to prescribe some medicine and asked “results of my tests were better. Now, my function of heart is getting better, is it possible to open the blocked vessel”. He replied “it is possible. Now we’ll treat you from stomach. So, my treatment started. Natsagdorj.D, Khamba Lama has own treatment and clinical tactics compatible with characteristics, illness condition of each patient. When I set up with him in the first to cure heart illness and he prescribed medicine for prostate I wondered why in the first time. Now, I realized this special treatment. What wonderful a traditional medicine and help for people. I observed difference between European and traditional medicine that I had treated at these kind hospitals for several years. There are many differences of diagnosis and treatment between both medicines. Traditional medicine can heal quickly no problem any disease not requiring surgery besides emergency. To cure any disease, traditional medicine heals all the body not focusing on only organ or part.           

 Why is life asking your doctor!

 Our Mongolians arrives expecting the final hope at Manba Datsan Hospital when their illness has got worse and western medicine doctors said “it is impossible to cure it”. How workforce of Manba Datsan can do for them who has certain fate to die. If I late little, it, anything or help of Natsagdorj.D, Khamba lama won’t help me. Don’t want to blame doctors who don’t cure. Caused by it, some talks which people’s hospital causes death and unnecessary one were spread. Treatment of traditional medicine is a huge intellectual value inherited from our ancestors. This awareness and knowledge are lacked in not only health sector and but also other sectors. If we far away our inherited culture, basis of powerful country, it will become less power. Clear example of it is current Mongolian society and life of the people. Today, the people have problem of health and morality.      


 The Government should provide discount of medicine

It is required that the Government should pay attention especially at the moment. In 2013, I was performed operation and placed stents with over 2 million tugrugs. Now, the Government regulated to provide 70-80 percent discount and less money is spent from people. By the regulation of the Government, these discounts involve many European medicine and pharmaceutical substance such as pressure drug, medicine for cholesterol decreasing. Cost of monthly usage of medicine for cholesterol decreasing and blood dilution is around 130 thousand tugrugs. This is not perfect treatment. If the blood is not purified, blood is poured again and filtered. This process requires high cost.  

I paid 34000 for diagnosis and around 40 thousand tugrugs for herbal medicine at Manba Datsan Hospital in the first time in 2014. Depending on exchange rate drop and increase of dollar rate, cost of diagnosis is 49,000 tugrugs, cost of herbal medicine is around 80,000 tugrugs. People think they are more expensive considering their growth.

If you have true idea to cure your illness, it won’t be high. My close people asked secret of my health recovery seeing robust health and good looking. Its benefit is enormous.

In my opinion, if you feel outcome of traditional medicine’ treatment and herbal medicine, they don’t be expensive. It doesn’t cure only organ and all the organ systems.

People usually calculate total cost for example a monthly cost is multiplied by 12 months. But it is not. During taking medication and treatment period, we have to take some test not taking regularly.

I buy 6 times herbal medicine or medication an year. At maximum, its cost will be 1 million tugrugs.

As a result of taking herbal medicine or medication by 1 million tugrugs an year, my all body systems will enhance evenly. But, there is not any discount on herbal medicine or medication from traditional pharmaceutical company. Although, herbal medicine has medicinal potency to cure directly any diseases not requiring operation, the authority or the Government does support it.

By now, there is an attitude to change the system. Recently, I saw a board that the hospital serves with Health Insurance outside Manba Datsan Hospital. Today, disease are common among the people, understanding or benefit of traditional medicine will be advertised the people. If we can do that, we won’t waste of much time and economics. I think the Government of Mongolia should execute its duties for supporting and developing Health care service of Traditional medicine and the action which aims at becoming people healthy and promoting such benefit or help of traditional medicine.  

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