Traditional medicine brings a significant accomplishment to the health sector

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Ariunsuvd. M, a Journalist

There is a lack to provide accessibly diagnosis and treatment of Traditional Mongolian Medicine to citizens. I talked with Natsagdorj.D, Khamba Lama, spiritual educator, Professor, Honored Doctor of Mongolia, head of Manba Datsan Monastery about how to improve it.

-66 percent of all population of Australia uses its traditional medicine. Please tell us why we don’t use the admirable traditional medicine which has inherited before early times? How do we deliver commonly diagnosis and treatment of traditional medicine to public?

-To resolve it and provide traditional medicine to public, it is necessary to guide view of people to right direction that view was kept in mind of people for 60 years. Why didn’t use traditional medicine, under the communist regime, traditional medicine were described negatively in the play and film, untrue concept and attitude were given to the people for 60 or 70 years. Even though Traditional medicine practitioner has more educated and skilled for their profession, public or masses don’t believe this traditional medicine. So, it is required to correct policy of traditional medicine. Traditional medicine is the comprehensive one with the most effective and high quality of treatment and diagnosis. The traditional medicine heals comprehensively people’s body and mind. We should understand and perceive its benefit.

-As you said, people understood that traditional medicine was not used common and there was tale or myth about traditional medicine because view was spread which traditional medicine is not good. It is true that traditional medicine can heal all disease?  

– Traditional medicine treatment is efficient and its result was definite to the customers who has visited at our Manba Datsan Hospital. If the Mongolian people use much the traditional medicine, we have possibility to treat any diseases by sophisticated theory of traditional medicine in the prevention and treatment of illnesses. The traditional medicine is designated medicine for each person which has bigger treatment principles including medicinal substance, how to treat illness in the beginning, middle and final and find the perfect treatment the disease.  

Due to the less understanding of traditional medicine theory, treatment and service of traditional medicine has not become popular with people of Mongolia. Physicians of traditional medicine don’t perform operation or surgery. If surgery is required, these patients are delivered to their local hospital immediately.  Besides surgery, any cancers, cough and many illnesses related to the kidney, internal organs were being treated completely. Mongolian people should get acknowledgment about these treatment results. Statistics of inpatients at our hospital shows over 80 percent of these inpatients recovered fully, some people had become better and had taken next treatment. There are some cases to heal the illnesses of patients which are incurable to treat in Mongolia and needs to treat abroad.

-There is Traditional Medicine office in the Ministry of Health of Mongolia. But, the office can’t put traditional medicine into accessibly Public Health Services. How could it be improved? 

-Significant achievement will arrive in the Health sector if traditional medicine is passed availably into Health sector, at least first aid will be provided by traditional medicine. Now, we can’t cure completely cough or flu. We cure only the originated illness and it can lead to chronic disease. It can be causes of many chronic diseases. In accordance with theory and principle of traditional medicine, any acute and chronic diseases will be cured with high efficient. We don’t understand partially it can only be efficient to acute or chronic disease. This is very misleading.

-There are discounted medicine-medicinal substance and treatment service with assistance of Health Insurance. Is it helpful or necessary if traditional herbal medicine, decoction and treatment will include in the names of discounted medicinal substances?

-It is required to emphasize treatment and services of Traditional Medicine in many law and regulations of Health Sector and if we do it, traditional medicine will be popular with public. To Mongolians be healthy, prevent from any diseases and doesn’t arrange the condition of chronic disease, traditional medicine will be put into mainly Health sector. If we can do it, its results will be definite for a few years.

– If traditional medicine will be used largely in the preventive treatment, we will face to work closely with family hospital. Please tell us supply and preparation of traditional medicine practitioners who will work in family hospital?

-Traditional medicine will be put into system of family hospital. I would like to say a case to you. A child with diarrhea came to our hospital and that child had hospitalized in family hospital for over a months and our practitioner cured completely this child within 3 days. Judging from the case, it is facing problem not put this important diagnosis and treatment into Health sector. We are paying attention on workforce of Traditional medicine practitioners. Some issues which address training and preparation of Traditional medicine practitioners till 10 million in the near future will be submitted and discussed in the Government of Mongolia and first one of them will be resolved. Last year, the Ministry of Education, Science started to add quotas of students for Traditional medicine doctor. So, we are aiming at preparing 10 million traditional medicine doctors within 10 or 15 years, supplying domestic need and export workforce of these doctor and acknowledge traditional Mongolian Medicine to the world.         

-Health Care Service will be provided with safety and high quality. What do you think do our traditional medicine hospitals meet with the requirements?

– We have standard and guideline of diagnosis and treatment. It is required to enhance them. It is certain to be safety which standard and guideline can prove guarantee of diagnosis and treatment of traditional medicine. Health sector of Mongolia is taking into consideration certain legal adjustment such as a strict control on herbal medicine, making laboratory analysis on ready medicinal substances.

Hence, there is no demand to suspect safety and quality of herbal medicine. In the future, we have to develop more it, have good ethics and contribute our support to pharmaceutical factories will be met with the requirements of World Health Organizations.











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