Namkhainyambuu.N: I was cured of tumor at the end of the treatment




We have talked to one of the patients staying at Manba Datsan Hospital, Namkhainyambuu.N.


How long have you been staying at Manba Datsan Hospital?
-Since the beginning of this year. I have been having pain in my right leg and can no longer walk, as a result of the thinning of my back disc. I have not been off of painkillers or other expensive medications but it was no use. After two sleepless nights, I decided to visit Khamba Lama and he advised me to stay at his hospital for treatment, but he prescribed me 4 different herbal medicines, which I needed to take for a week prior to my stay. I could already feel that my leg pain was becoming less since the first night that I had the herbal medicine. As soon as I was able to walk again after taking the herbal medicine, I was admitted at Manba Datsan Hospital on 2nd of January.


When did you have the onset of degenerative disk disease?
-It started almost 10 years ago. I started having back pain and was unable to walk. At that time, I received physiotherapy at the local hospital and mud treatment at a private health center and got better. I am entitled to receive medical treatment once a year at the private health center due to my occupational disease. After getting my x-ray done 2 years ago, I was diagnosed with disappearing of lumbar disk and was warned that it may lead to me becoming paralyzed from the waist down if not treated properly. But because of my carelessness, I worsened my condition. Then I went to see doctor Natsagdorj.D and was told that my chronic illness may require a surgery but he still prescribed me herbal medicine at Manba Datsan Hospital. But to my surprise my pain gradually got better within short time and I stayed at Manba Datsan Hospital for treatment. From now on I will be taking the herbal medicine as prescribed.
Have you had traditional medical treatment before?
-I actually know of traditional medicine and been treated before. I’m currently living on benefits and due to my chronic illnesses, I visit the local hospital and take required medical examinations every 6 months. But when I had my usual examination in 2014, I was referred to the oncologist after the doctors found a lump on my liver. The biopsy confirmed that I had a tumor with the size of 2.1*1.4 but a benign one. Because I didn’t have any hepatitis B or C, I was told that the chances of developing cancer are quite low and was advised to take ultrasound every 3 months and to visit the GP on monthly basis. It went on for 2 years and during that period I visited Khamba Lama Natsagdorj.D and was prescribed herbal medicine for 3 months. At the end of the 3rd month, I went to see the doctor for my usual scan and to my astonishment it was revealed that my tumor had decreased in size and after 2 years of same treatment, the tomography revealed that the tumor had already shrunk and I was no longer needed to visit the doctor on monthly basis. It has been a year since my last visit to the local doctor and Khamba Lama also helped me last year when I had less urine than normal and I promised to him that I would take the herbal medicine as prescribed (laughs).


I take it that you actually know a lot about traditional Mongolian medicine?
-Traditional medicine is outstanding and has no side effects at all. Traditional medicine has many advantages over western medicine. The western medicine is the best when it comes to surgical disorders. Traditional medicine focuses on the root causes of the diseases and heals it despite the longer period of treatment. It’s like animals would eat the flowers on the flower field, but it will regrow the next summer. Just like that, the western medicine cures what is on the surface and leaves the root cause as it is, which then causes disorders again but in more severe stages. I believe that traditional medicine cures the root of any illnesses, in other words, heals the body completely from head to toe, including all the internal organs without any side effects. That is why I really enjoy receiving traditional medical treatments. When my children fall ill with cold, I just take them to the pharmacy at Manba Datsan Hospital and get “Sorool-7” and “Lider” right away. I’ve met many individuals who have no knowledge of traditional medicine at all and some even said to me that there is no way a plant can heal any disorders. But I am now completely tumor free since taking the herbs!


What did you think of the medical services at Manba Datsan Hospital?                               

    -My wife fell ill in 2008 and her whole body was swollen. At the time, the Manba Datsan Hospital was at a different place and we went there for treatment and my wife of course got better. Now the hospital is in a new building and is much more comfortable. All the physicians are highly skilled and really care for their patients and I again really enjoyed my stay at the hospital this time. I met students from Otoch Manramba University here at the hospital, having practical lessons and was really impressed by how they train the soon to become doctor students. When my wife stayed at this hospital last time, she was treated by a doctor named Battogtokh.N and is always grateful for her help. All the doctors working here are graduates from Otoch Manramba University and I also liked the fact that all the physicians as well as students here recite Medicine Buddha chants every night for their patients, praying for smooth and quick recovery and patients love it. I also recited the chants that I know alongside them and it really did help me to feel much better.


  Thank you for talking to us

Resources: Traditional Mongolian Medicine Newspaper 2018 №01 /42/


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